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The Campfire Project

Your online fireside chat in a safe, supportive environment

The Campfire Project is a safe place where you can give yourself permission to tell your story. A safe place where people from around the world share their stories, wisdom and join in meaningful conversations covering every subject that affects each of us, our families and our communities.

1 on 1s

We’ve had several hundred 1on1 campfire chats where we’ve sat down with people from all walks of life, religions, cultures and genders to hold their space and listen to them.

What are they?

Everyone has a story and many haven’t had an opportunity to tell their stories. We provide a safe place where we hold space for you where you can share your story without judgment, criticism nor unwanted counselling

When and Where are they held?

All 1on1s are done over Zoom at a time that works for you. Just you and the host. They are pre-recorded and only shared into the Facebook group page for others to hear only with your approval. They do-not get posted outside of the closed group page. So make sure you join the Facebook group page before booking into a 1on1. And we’ll look forward to sharing a seat by the campfire with you.

Why would you do one?

How often in your life have you wanted to have someone just listen to you? To just hold space for you. To know that someone has heard you.


Who hosts the 1on1s?

There are presently 3 people you can have a 1on1 chat with.people you

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are videoed conversations with other Campfire Project members from all around the world. They are only open to those who have shared their story in a 1on1 chat first. It’s about credibility. People need to know who they are listening to. They need to have confidence in who you are, and they get that from watching your 1on1 recorded chat.

We post regular panel discussions covering everything from masculinity to femininity to drugs and alcohol and parenting. We’ve even covered “does size matter in the bedroom”. In fact, if it helps people find the solutions they are looking for we’ll cover every and all subjects imaginable.

Our Sponsor NEI

A big thank you to Bconnected World for sponsoring and supporting us.